The tunnel section of the channel, which supplies  water to the southern lands of Aleppo in the Syrian Arab Republic

Underground structures of various application, Chief Project Engineer - M. Bikineev, 2002 - 2003.

The project of a free-leaking hydrotechnical  tunnel (length 5.4 km)  was carried out in two ways:
 - Construction of a tunnel 5.1 m in diameter (one face) using mechanized way of tunneling and the tunnel shield with active face pressure.
 - Construction of a tunnel (section  ~ 16 m2) using mountain way with  additional faces, opened from the intermediate shafts on the highway.

 For each of the options  there were  the following questions:
 - The design of the tunnel for various engineering and geological conditions along the route;
 - Project of construction of each of the options;
 - Calculation of the cost of building the tunnel (in Syrian pounds) acoording to consolodated figures, and the project cost definition.

Based on the approved plan has been developed working documentation for the high-precision blocks for mechanized  tunnel construction. Also  the production of these blocks has been  launched in Syria.