Waterworks Deriner on  the Chorukh river (Turkey)

Underground structures of various application, Chief Project Engineer -  V. Zhukov, 1995 - 2000.

Project of the  building organization and the underground operatons technology of the stationary waterworks of Deriner HPP in Turkey.

Major design decisions:
 - The sequence and methods of construction of the underground powerhouse (dimensions BхNхL 20х47х135 m);
 - Selection of the best approaches to building construction tiers considering working technology;
 - Technological scheme of the structure, construction equipment selection;
 - Defination of the parameters of the temporary roof supports;
 - Rates and terms of the construction of the HPP building in conjunction with the construction of other facilities;
 - Schedule of construction;
 - Organization of construction sites for underground operations, provision of infrastructure;
 - The volume of the main construction operations;
 - Determination of the estimated cost.