Hoa Binh Hydro Power Plant underground complex on the Da river in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Hydraulic engineering works

Underground structures of various application, Chief Project Engineer  - V. Parkhomenko, 1982 - 1993.

Projection of the part of the  underground HPP complex constructions,  building organization and the underground operations technology.
The project of  the construction of special technological excavations, building organization of the largest in Southeast
Asia waterworks, with 8 feeders tunnels, underground machine hall and transformer room, gate gallery and 5 drainage tunnels.
A secure tunneling technology (in cracred and karst rocky soil) is developed.
In the wall mount of the machine hall and transformer room the construction of prestressed anchors is used. The basis of
seismic-safe  charges weight is completed (for finalizing the macine hall near the existing generating units).

Drill and Blast department, Chief Project Engineer  - Y. Abakshin Y, 1976-1990.
Projection of the drilling and blasting operations on major hydroelectric facilities.
Projection of the drilling and blasting operations near operating  and protected objects.