Rogunskaya Hydro Power Plant on the Vakhsh River in Tajikistan

Projection of the part of underground complex structures construction, development organization and technology of the underground operations.
The project is unique in composition, length and complexity of building a HPP underground structure with a volume of going-out rock - 1 million m3, and the volume of
underground concrete and reinforced concrete - 1.8 million m3. Construction Management Plan provides the development of more than 40 both working faces,
independent transport approaches to all the major workings, including each of the seven stages of the Machine Hall development.  
In the Machine Hall wall mount used the construction of prestressed anchors, passive and active type with tension force of 100 - 120 ts.

1981 - 1992, 2005 - present time.
Underground structures of various application, Chief Project Engineer - Parkhomenko V.