Dnestrovskaya Pumped Storage Plunt

Industrial and Public Facilities,  Chief Project Engineer  - A. Zaitsev, 1990.

Piles for the columns and crane beams. Bored piles -Ø 1020 mm, length from 12.7 to 18 m
Projection of the Waterworks constructions, underground operations organization and technology.  

Underground structures of various application, Chief Project Engineer - L. Levin, 1985-1998.

- Monolithic reinforced concrete lining of lead high-pressure water pipelines;
- Artificial freezing of soils during the construction of vertical sections of lead water pipes.

Development of organizational and technological solutions:
- construction of hydroelectric mines inner diameter of 26 meters
- building  the drainage tunnel of the lower tier (length 3.13 km) in the rocky soil with the use of mechanized Tunnel complex CT-5, 6D2;
- building the drainage tunnel of the upper tier of 1,5 km to the sandy-clay soils with non-mechanized shield PG-2, 56;
- creating vertical ventilation hole with a large diameter using tunneling machines 2KV-A;
- building vertical sections of lead water pipelines  (diameter 9.32 m) with the erection of temporary lining of reinforced concrete and using lined with a metal pipe  vertical tunnel, to make rock go down.