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DneproGES 1956
DneproGES 2010

Since 1956, the Special Design and Research Institute GIDROSPETSPROEKT performs special projects of construction works in various fields: from the construction of hydro-, thermal- and nuclear power plants to the restoration of historical and architectural monuments. Experience gained in the design of complex projects in Russia and abroad, has been used successfully for the benefit of customers.

With the participation of the Institute were built hydraulic and storage plants, thermal and nuclear power plants in the Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic States, including: Bratsk, Inguri, Krasnoyarsk, Kolyma, Nurek, Rogun, Sayano–Shushenskaya, Kayshadorskaya Hydropower Plants and Dams, the Vilyui power cascade, Rivne, Beloyarsk and Kursk Nuclear Power Plant, Zagorskaya Pumped Storage Power Plant, and others, plants of KAMAZ, VAZ, Atommash, many water facilities.

Institute carried out special work in the construction of new projects, as well as restoration of historical and architectural monuments in Moscow: Cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Okhotny Ryad store, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Kazan Cathedral and Red Square's Resurrection Gate and many others.

In 1986 the Institute participated in Chernobyl accident liquidation. In carrying out special works on the project of base plate under the fourth reactor block and the “slurry wall” for antifiltration protection against contaminated groundwater, has been displayed extraordinary competence of engineering staff, responsibility for decisions, ability to quickly mobilize the efforts of designers and builders in particular difficult circumstances.

Since the early 1960s GIDROSPETSPROEKT begins to design and participate in the construction of facilities abroad: Egypt (Aswan hydraulic engineering complex), Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ethiopia, Iran, Vietnam, Morocco, Cuba, Iran, Yemen, Mongolia, nuclear power plants in China and India (drilling and blasting operations), Turkey.

Today, the design work performed under construction hydropower stations: Bureiskaya, Boguchanskaya, Sangtuda, Sayan-Shushenskaya, railways: Trans-Baikal, Moscow-Vorkuta-Labytnangi, Tommot-Karbykan in Yakutia, Chiney Ore Deposits, the airport in Gelendzhik, the pipeline system Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean, tunnels in Tajikistan and Moscow, the underground part of the multifunctional complexes in the area of Paveletsky Railway Station’s terminals and Tverskaya Zastava square in Moscow, business center Moscow City and many other sites.