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Drilling-and-blasting operations and open pit mining works

•    blasting works at construction of hydrotechnic facilities, hydraulic, heat and nuclear power plants;
•    blasting works at transport construction;
•    blasting works at open pit mines of construction industry to obtain mined rock of   pre-selected granular composition;
•    chipping and takedown by explosion  of building structures, including within the constrained city conditions;     
•    blasting works at construction of artificial channels, including with the use of excavating explosions;
•    an issue of safety of blasting works;
•    blasting compaction of  subsiding soils;
•    ground works at power, hydrotechnic, and road construction, at open pit mines of construction materials, in house pits  and urban structures;
•    geophysical monitoring and seismic safety  during blasting works.

            The processes of safe explosion were developed and introduced: at forming the stable rock slopes at the operating power plants, roads, canals (controlled blasting); at preparing the foundations of working trenches for important facilities (protective layers); at combining blasting and other construction, concreting and assembly works (the restriction up to a permissible level of explosion striking impacts); at the rebuilding of operating facilities (blasting, dismantling and disassembling of reinforced-concrete structures and installations).
The following calculations and methods were developed and realized in projects and in kind: the erection of explosion and earth-fill dams and closure dams; the construction of two-dimensional structures (canals, roadway excavation) using excavating explosions; compression of subsiding soils in the foundation of buildings and installations.
Patents and Author’s Certificates are received for over 200 inventions in the field of blasting work.
Designing of drilling-and-blasting and open pit mining works is carried out by “Hydrospetsproekt” at all stages of design and production. At the request of the Customer, the author’s surveillance is executed over the above stated works at construction sites and technical assistance in organization of works is provided.

The list of sites where works were carried out by designs of the Institute:

  • Akkuyu nuclear power plant (Turkey)*
  • Kudankulam nuclear power plant (India)
  • Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower plant
  • Bureiskaya hydropower plant
  • Khuragua nuclear power plant (Cuba)
  • Bratskaya hydropower plant
  • Malka-Vakana hydropower plant (Ethiopia)
  • Khoabin hydropower plant (Viet-Nam)
  • Dneproges
  • Zagorskaya hydroelectric pumped storage power plant
  • Zeiskaya hydropower plant
  • Kabbaratinskaya hydropower plant -2
  • Zabaikalskaya railway, the area of Karymskaya-Zabaikalsk
  • Krasnoyarskaya hydropower plant
  • Lyanyunganskaya nuclear power plant (China)
  • Tolmachevskyie hydropower plants
  • Yuzhno-Ukraininan hydroelectric pumped storage power plant
  • Yumaguzinskyi hydraulic power system

Head of department


Aleksandr Anatolyevich