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Foundations and Enclosing Structures

•    all kinds of pile foundations out of driving, drilled and boring-injection piles, slated foundations;
•    ditch sheeting, anchoring and expanding structures;
•    testing of all kinds of piles using static loads;
•    enclosing and load-carrying structures of underground parts of installations performed by methods “a diaphragm wall” (trench or out of drilled-cutting piles)  and  «jet grouting»;
•    shoring of foundations with the use of boring-injection piles  and other methods during  rebuilding operations, including cultural and architectural monuments and artefacts.

The technologies developed by the Institute were used in the manufacture of pile footing from bored piles at KAMAZ and Atommash Works, Rovenskaya and Dnestrovskaya nuclear power plants, Zagorskaya and Kaishyadorskaya hydroelectric pumped storage power plants, in Moscow: the skating centre in Krylatskoie, the business centre “Moscow-City”, administrative and residential buildings; deep slatted foundations under the buildings for the storage of nuclear fuel rejects at Kurskaya nuclear power plant. Piles were tested with a static load at many of these facilities.

The design experience shows that under conditions of compact urban development, enclosing structures for underground parts of installations out of bored piles and carrying “diaphragm walls” are highly efficient. Ditch sheetings with up to 12 m in depth with the use of tubes, including screw ones, are used at numerous construction facilities in Moscow.

The method for shoring of foundation with the use of boring-injection piles was developed with an active participation of “Hydrospetsproekt” and was introduced for the first time in domestic practice during rebuilding operations carried out at such facilities as the State Tretyakov Gallery, Andronnikov Monastery, Gostinny dvor, etc.  

Recently, works to reinforce sand bases of buildings by injection of solution of special finely dispersed mineral cementing material “Microdur”, as well as injections of cement solution under high pressure  up to  50  MPa, (Jet-grouting)  with formation of cement-ground columns  with up to  1.0 m in diameter were carried out by the Institute projects.

The list of sites where works were carried out by designs of the Institute:

  • Dnestrovskaya hydroelectric pumped storage power plant
  • Moscow International Business Center “Moscow-City"
  • Kurskaya nuclear power plant
  • The “Okhotny ryad” hypermarket
  • A multi-level underground parking garage under Khokhlovskaya square
  • Bolshaya Yakimanka Street, vl. 2/6-4
  • The Berlin House
  • Krasnogorsk, Rechnaya Street, microdistrict 1
  • Indoor skating center in Krylatskoe
  • Hotel and business center. Novinsky Boulevard, 8-10
  • The complex of buildings GGK GAZPROM
  • Theater and Cultural Center after V.Meyerhold
  • Commercial and entertaining center "European". Kievskaya square, 1
  • Shopping Centre (Voentorg). Vozdvizhenka Street, 10 / 2
  • Lopukhina Manor (Roerich Museum)
  • The Building of exhibition complex “Mosarchinform”
  • 1-st Brestskaya str., ow. 29/22, bldg.1
  • City Duma, Rakhmanovskiy lane, 4
  • Moscow Choral Synagogue
  • Technopark “Nagatino Zil”
  • Nakhimovskiy ave., “House-TV”
  • Olimpiyskiy passage, ow.1
  • Mira ave., 33 (470)
  • Sheremetyevskoye podvorye, Moscow
  • The complex of buildings clinics premorbid and the urgent conditions PKU "MUNKTS named after P.V. Mandryka Russian Defense Ministry"

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