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Hydraulic Engineering Department

Construction and Re-engineering of Hydraulic Structures

Hydraulic Structures Designing

  • retaining structures (dams, embankments, walls);
  • culverts (spillways, spillweirs, derivation canals, tunnels and HPP waterways);
  • plans for Organization of Hydraulic Engineering Facilities Construction;
  • allocation and assembly of control and measurement instrumentation in hydraulic engineering facilities;
  • protective measures and monitoring for landslides and landslip hazardous mountain slopes and slopes of artificial courses.

Special Hydraulic Works

Special Hydraulic Works Designing

  • case hardening of bedrock base of dams and subsurface structures;
  • creation of cement grout covers in hard-rock structure basements and around underground mines;
  • drainage barriers of dams and underground structures;
  • piezometric network;
    •  injection grout covers in non-cohesive soils;
  • grouting “diaphragm walls”;
  • liquidation of karst caverns;
  • chemical soil stabilization;
  • joint grouting of concrete dams.

Testing Construction Technology Laboratory

Work Activities:

  • injection  repair of concrete;
  • sliplining and damp-proofing of underground constructions, installation and structures;
  • exploration of composite materials for grouting “diaphragm walls” constructing;
  • development of injection solutions compositions for soil stabilization and  grout covers creation;
  • testing of concrete and soil samples.

Head of department


Kirill Petrovich