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Hydraulic facilities

Design of Hydraulic Engineering Facilities:

Supporting (dams, dikes, walls);
Culverts (spillway, water drainage, derivation canals, tunnels and HPP waterways);
Highways and transport tunnels;
Organization of Hydraulic Engineering Facilities Construction Projects;
Allocation and assembly of instrumentation equipment in hydraulic engineering facilities structures;
Development of protective measures and monitoring for landslides and landslip hazardous mountain slopes and slopes of artificial courses;
Carrying out of geophysical surveys and geological investigations on construction sites.

The institute has completed the updating of HPP-2 Kambaratinskaya project on Naryn river in Kirghiz Republic with refinement of holes scheme for floods through hydraulic system.

Department developed the projects of two additional spillways with full discharge capacity up to 2000m3/s; arrangement of pyezometric network project; installation of various instrumentation equipment for underground facilities. Provision of technical support for design engineering and construction activities on site.

Department developed feasibility study for HPP-1 Kambaratinskaya on Naryn river in Kirghiz Republic with dam height 265m and installed power capacity 1900MW of hydropower plant (HPP).