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Industrial and Public Facilities Department

GIDROSPETSPROEKT develops construction design and estimate documentation for objects and activities related to hydraulic as well as industrial and public facilities. We construct funnels up to 420 meters high. We offer construction of cooling towers with irrigation area up to 9500 m2, using sliding forms and moving racks, equipped with complex hydraulic and electronic equipment (cooling towers of CHPP-26, MOSENERGO, Rivne Nuclear Power Plant (Ukraine), Western-Ukrainian NPP (Ukraine), etc). Construction of multistoried buildings from cast reinforced concrete (25-stored house in Balashikha (Moscow region), reinforced-concrete round house in Dushanbe (Tadjikistan), houses in Leninakan (Armenia), and so on) – we have all these projects on our credit. Dewatering and unwatering of foundations, permanent drainages and water-diverting structures, forecasting of influence of groundwater level decreasing on hydrogeological and ecological situation – all this is within our scope of activity. We design foundations, supporting walls, anchoring and sprung structures for foundations, load-bearing structures made according to “diaphragm walls” method, and so on.

Dewatering and Water Supply >>

Dewatering and Water Supply Designing:

  • project development of dewatering systems and unwatering of foundations of any size with the help of boreholes with drowned pumps, ejectors and wellpoint systems.
  • project development of combined systems of dewatering and grout covers.
  • project development of permanent drainages for standalone buildings, as well as combined drainages for cities and towns territories.
  • forecasting of influence of dewatering, drainage, cutoffs on hydrogeological and ecological sitution.
  • project development of commercial and drinking-water intakes from deep-laid and subsurface groundwaters, as well as integrated water supply facilities.

Foundations and Enclosing Structures of Substructures >>

Foundations and Enclosing Structures Designing:

  • all kinds of piled foundations made from driving, bored and continuous flight augering piles, trencher foundations;
  • shoring of excavations, anchoring and sprung structures;
  • testing of all kinds of piles using static imposed load;
  • enclosing and load-bearing structures of underground parts of installations performed by methods “a diaphragm wall” (trench or out of drilled-cutting piles) and «jet grouting»;
  • shoring of foundations with the use of boring-injection piles and other methods during rebuilding operations, including cultural and architectural monuments and artefacts.

Precast and metal structures. Architectural solutions.

Head of department


Alexander Alexandrovich