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Designing of Special Hydrotechnic Works

•    Protective cementation of rock foundation of dams and underground structures;
•    creation of impervious cement barriers  in hard rocks of structure basements and around underground mines;
•    drainage barriers for dams and underground structures;
•    piezometric network;
•    injection of impervious barriers in granular soil;
•    impervious  “diaphragm walls” ;
•    liquidation of caverns;
•    chemical soil densification;
•    cementation of construction seals  of a concrete dam;

 “Hydrospetsproekt” possesses the technologies enabling to tackle the most unordinary tasks:
•     filling the cavities with the solution having regulated mobility and raised penetration
•    concreting of arch dams with improvement of their strain-stress distribution
•    cement stabilization of  perpetually frozen soils with their preliminary compulsory thawing out
•    tamponade of karst cavities using consolidating solutions enabling to provide stability for buildings and structures erected on the karst basement  
•    a “diaphragm wall”  as an impervious  and constructive element is performed:
  - in the foundation and in the body of a dam out of local materials (instead of an earthen core wall or a diaphragm);
      - around construction ditches for foundation to protect it from ground waters inflow;
      -for protection of construction sites and inhabited localities from underflooding by ground and process waters;
      - for enclosing of clarification tanks, ash-disposal areas, disposal areas with an aim to protect the environment from hazardous effluents.

By the Institute projects, cement-grout curtains were built at the construction of the majority of hydro power plants in the former USSR and at many facilities abroad, dozens of diaphragm walls were constructed, compaction and hardening works with the use of injection method for old and filterable concrete were carried out at many operated hydro plants, river and sea structures (dams, canal locks, hydro power plant buildings, canal lining, etc.).

The list of sites where works were carried out by designs of the Institute:
* The facilities under construction.

  • Krasnoyarskaya hydropower plant
  • Bratskaya hydropower plant
  • Zagorskaya Pumped Storage Plant
  • Zeiskaya hydropower plant
  • Chirkeiskaya hydropower plant
  • Ust-Khantaiskaya hydropower plant
  • Ust-Ilimskaya hydropower plant
  • Kolymskaya hydropower plant
  • Miatlinskaya hydropower plant
  • Irganaiskaya hydropower plant
  • Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower plant
  • Kureiskaya hydropower plant
  • Cascade of Vilyuisk hydropower plants (I, II, III)
  • Bureiskaya hydropower plant
  • Nizhne-Bureiskaya hydropower plant
  • Boguchanskaya hydropower plant *
  • Yumaguzinskyi hydraulic power system *
  • Nurekskaya hydropower plant (Tajikistan)
  • Ingurskaya hydropower plant (Georgia)
  • Charvakskaya hydropower plant (Uzbekistan)
  • Andizhanskyi hydraulic power system (Uzbekistan)
  • Chernobylskaya nuclear power plant (liquidation of the accident)
  • Asuanskaya hydropower plant (Egypt)
  • Khoabin hydropower plant (Viet-Nam)
  • Kapanda hydropower plant* (Angola)
  • Tishrin hydropower plant (Syria)
  • Al-Kadissia hydraulic power system (Iraq)