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Underground Structure Design

•    construction of underground structures destined for various purposes;
•    construction technology for deep subways;
•    special methods for tunneling and concrete works under conditions of  perpetually frozen soil;
•    organization of construction of deep structures of urban infrastructure;
•    technology of construction of large underground chambers;
•    technology of  no-drop-work tunneling of vertical stems;
•    technology of  mechanized tunneling of subways with the use of tunneling multiple-unit apparatus and  shields;
•    special methods for construction of underground structures with artificial soil densification (injection, freezing     “jet-grouting’’.

A total of 400 km of underground roadways for facilities of power plants and transport, for the municipal engineering system, military defence and amelioration  have been tunneled by the  projects and with participation of “Hydrospetsproekt” under various engineering and geological conditions of construction: from solid hard rocks to drifting sands, under the conditions of high seismicity, water-bearing nature, gas-bearing capacity and high pressures in the rock mass within the construction region.
Successfully performed tasks include: the construction technology and development of construction of reinforced concrete casing for a deep tunnel (up to 1200 m) Arpa-Sevan under extremely difficult engineering and geological conditions; special methods  for tunneling and concrete works under the conditions of perpetually frozen soil: Vilyuiskaya, Ust-Khantaiskaya and Kolymskaya hydro power plants; the construction technology of large underground chambers for Nurekskaya, Toktogulskaya, Rogunskaya hydro power plants, Anzon tunnel in Tajikistan with 5 km in length,  underground passages along the pipeline Eastern Siberia-the Pacific Ocean, a technological tunnel through the Markotkhsky mountain ridge.
The Institute has developed the projects for organization of construction of underground facilities in Moscow: the “Okhotny ryad” hypermarket, the third transport ring, a tunnel beneath the Gagarin square, a multi-level underground parking garage under Khokhlovskaya square, multifunctional underground complexes under the square of Tverskaya Zastava and the square of Paveletsky Terminal.
“Hydrospetsproekt” has participated in preparation of proposals for construction of underground facilities in Turkey, Thailand, Greece, Bulgaria and in Cyprus.

The list of sites where works were carried out by designs of the Institute:

* The facilities under construction.

  • Road tunnel under the pass Shar-Shar in the Republic of Tajikistan
  • Ust-Khantai hydropower station on the River. Khantai
  • Underground complex at Hoa Binh hydropower plant on the river Yes (Vietnam)
  • Serebryanoborskie tunnels
  • Rogun hydropower station on the Vakhsh in Tajikistan
  • Nurek hydropower station, Tajikistan
  • Additional technological tunnel that runs from the Grushovaya oil terminal via Ridge Markotkhsky to the Sheskharis oil terminal
  • Kolyma hydroelectric station on the River Kolyma
  • Zelenchukskaya hydropower station on the River Kuban
  • Dangara hydraulic engineering tunnel in Tajikistan
  • Viluiskaya hydropower station on the River Viluy
  • Boguchanskaya hydropower station on the River Hangar
  • Highway tunnel Anzob
  • Kandovan highway tunnel in the Republic of Iran
  • The system of sewer tunnels in Krasnodar
  • Charvak hydropower station on the River Chirchik in Uzbekistan
  • Hotel and business center, Novinsky Boulevard, ow. 8.10
  • Dniester PSP
  • Mixed-use complex on the square Paveletsky Station
  • Toktogul on the River. Naryn in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Housing and office complex, 4-th Dobryninsky lane., 8 / 10
  • Sayano-Shushenskaya GES. Coast spillway
  • Perebrosnoy Arpa-Sevan tunnel
  • Gimri road tunnel in Dagestan
  • Renovation and reconstruction of the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre
  • Pamir hydropower plant on the River Gunt in Tajikistan
  • South Rokada. Highway Tunnels
  • Fourth ring road. Kolomna tunnels
  • Road tunnels on the highway Frunze (Bishkek) - Osh
  • Vladivostok-2 thermal electropower station
  • Deriner Dam on the River Choruh (Turkey)
  • Miatlinskaya hydropower plant on the River Sulak
  • Tashlyk hydropower storage plant
  • The tunnel segment of the channel that supplies water to the southern lands in Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic
  • Renewal the final part of oil-trunk pipeline Yaroslavl-Moscow

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Yevgeniy Vladimirovich

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Vladimir Nikolayevich